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Two days into hunt, Winter RecFest medallion is found



Each clue will be released at midnight.

This year’s medallion hunt for the Winter RecFest in La Crosse was over almost as soon as it started.

A local couple found the prize Thursday, only the second day of the contest.

Mark and Kim Schmidtknecht expect to collect their prize money today.

The two didn’t quite get the references right, following clues to Hickey Park, near Rose Street, where the medallion was beneath monkey bars.

Mark actually thought the prize was hidden closer to I-90.

“Lot of luck and I just put the golf clue with the fast-driving cars together – wrong – but it still got me to that park,” Mark said, adding they were looking in that park for a couple hours Thursday.

The Schmidtknechts have taken part in medallion searches for years, but this is the first time they won. Mark says they’ve come close to finding the RecFest medal in past years.

Second clue:

One is open.  One is closed.
And a chip shot away from several bars.
There’s also a neighborhood in the vicinity,
But a five iron away from fast-moving cars.

First clue:

The flake for the Winter RecFest is hidden.
You can find it somewhere in the city of La Crosse.
Use luck, chance or skill to breakdown the clues
And you’ll be viewed as the medallion hunt boss.



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