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Republican rep. bringing transgender bathroom circus to Wisconsin



Protesters storming N.C. capital over similar bill

Wisconsin Republican state representative Jesse Kremer doesn’t want you to call it a transgender bathroom bill, but, whatever you call it, it could headed back to Wisconsin.

He says it’s more like a privacy bill and it could protect the unwitting from creepiness and perverted shenanigans in bathrooms.

“We have to insure that there are still some boundaries in society,” Kremer said. “We have to insure that children are protected b/c people will take advantage of the situation.”

He fears criminals will take advantage of laws that allow a measure of choice in the use of public restrooms and changing areas. Kremer, however, didn’t get into specifics as to how criminals would take advantage with the new law in place, as opposed to how things are now. 

Kremer’s last transgender bathroom bill – “privacy bill” – failed and was focused just on schools.

Emboldened by the what has happened with a similar bill in North Carolina, Kremer’s new effort will include all restrooms and changing rooms.

“People can see that it’s not discriminatory and it’s not intolerant,” Kremer argued. “It’s that we have to actually provide some boundaries as a society.

“I’m looking at long-term, the underlying issues, of what could happen if we blow these doors wide open.”

Blowing the doors wide open is what’s happening in North Carolina, as protesters flock the state capital.

Kremer says he’s been encouraged by North Carolina lawmakers standing by their law to prohibit use of bathrooms for those who identify with a sex other than what they’re born with.  

His previous measure would have restricted bathroom and changing room use in schools to gender identified at birth.

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