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Senate candidate hanging campaign on link between MMR, autism



Chip Denure believes there’s a media cover up


It might seem like an unusual issue to hang your candidacy on.  

“The MMR vaccine has been found to cause autism in some children, and there’s been a major cover up on this by the mainstream media,” said La Crosse’s Chip Denure, who is running for Wisconsin’s 32nd District as an independent.

He’s focusing his campaign on just a few issues, including the link between MMR and autism.

While the CDC maintains there is absolutely no link to be found between the two, Denure doesn’t mind making that mythical link.  

“A lot of parents are getting their kids the MMR vaccine without the knowledge that some of those kids are going to get autism because of it,” he said Friday on WIZM.

Not only that, however, but Denure says there’s also a big cover up.

“I’ll tell you why it’s happening,” Denure explained. “It’s because the media is in subservience to big pharma, the makers of the MMR vaccine, Merck, in particular. And, who is the major advertiser on the mainstream media? Big pharma.”

Aside from that issue, Denure is also fighting a specific one to La Crosse and the road through the river marsh. He’s also big on legalizing marijuana.

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