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Scott Walker continues to fight Right to Work despite judge’s rulling



Judge refused to stay ruling striking down law

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says a judge’s ruling Monday on a right-to-work law doesn’t mean the law is dead.

A Dane County judge refused to stay his ruling, which struck down the law.

Walker says he’s convinced he’ll prevail and the law will stand, which isn’t surprising coming from him, says Stephanie Bloomingdale from the state’s AFL-CIO.

“We know that Scott Walker and his allies will do nothing to stop them from continuing their attacks on working people, including using every legal maneuver at their disposal,” Bloomingdale said. “We will do our part as the Wisconsin AFL-CIO … to do our best for working people and their rights and better wages and working conditions.”


Judge William Foust found the law unconstitutional earlier this month, ruling it amounts to an illegal taking on union services without compensation. The state Justice Department has filed a motion asking Foust to stay the ruling and leave the law in effect while the agency appeals.

Foust ruled during a hearing Monday that state attorneys haven’t shown they’ll succeed on appeal and there’s no evidence the state will suffer if his original decision stands

The judge’s ruling means unions can once again require dues from all members and non-members alike. 

At least until a successful appeal of the Right to Work law. If that happens.   

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