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La Crosse landlords could be in for refund



Rule changes negate a previous $100 fee some were charged

Some La Crosse landlords might be in for $100 refunds from city hall. 

Next month, the city council considers a plan to refund rental registration late fees that were paid by some landlords, who signed up their properties under the city’s former registration system. 

City council member Gary Padesky says his biggest problem with the fees is the lack of notice of changes in when registration was required.  

“For the people that were playing by the rules and were registering, and they got dinged with that $100 late fee, I think it’s important that we be fair to the people that try and be fair back, and try and play by the rules,” Padesky said. “We have landlords who try and play by the rules, and we’re not going to punish those people.”

It’s unclear just how many landlords may be due for a refund.

This month, the city council largely repealed ordinances allowing an extensive rental registration and inspection process in the city. That process had been the target of lawsuits, and the changes were, in part, to adhere to new state limits on how local governments regulate rentals.

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