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Meth problem spreading to the roadside



Even hwy. cleanup volunteers aren’t safe

Cleaning up along highways can be fulfilling work for volunteer groups.  

Civic engagement, making things look nice – all good things.  

But, the job is also occasionally dangerous with cars whizzing by, not to mention the random meth-making materials left along the road.  

The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Dept., along with a regional drug task force, are urging highway shoulder-cleaning do-gooders to exercise caution on the roadways.  

With the increase in meth use in the area, the organizations say it would not be unusual to find remnants of meth production from the “shake and bake” method.  

Plastic bottles are frequently used and left behind along with a lot of other potentially toxic junk which you should absolutely not pick up, they say, if you run across it.  

They warn to contact police if you suspect you might be dealing with some sort of hazardous meth remnant.  


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