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City government wants opinions on spending millions in grant money for La Crosse



This is year two of a
five-year revitalization plan

Turns out government really does want to hear your opinions. On some things.  

La Crosse’s city hall is looking for feedback over the next couple days on its plans to spend community block grants from the federal government.  

There’s over $1 million of federal money to spend in La Crosse on neighborhoods. 


 In the past, these comments have actually driven the agenda for the programs the grants fund, says program administrator Caroline Gregerson.

“Those public comments really help, because there’s choices that are made,” Gregerson said. “We always get more applications than we have funding for.”

Gregerson’s program is working through the second year of a five-year plan to tackle neighborhood revitalization, economic development, affordable housing and persistent poverty in the city.  

“We also hear a lot from the public about the need for greater code enforcement,” Gregerson said. “So, that’s another example of something that rose to the top of the list because we heard from the public that that was something they wanted to see more of.”

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