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Is La Crosse’s Memorial Pool going to be closed or not?



Cost estimates are high to repair 80-year-old pool

The La Crosse Memorial Pool is not closed.

Problem is, that misconception that the pool is closed is something Jacob Sciammas, the co-chair of the Grandview-Emerson Neighborhood Association, hears often.

The depression era pool is recommended for closure, and something Sciammas’ association is pushing against, since it would cut the city down to two public pools.  

The word “pools,” however, is a bit of a stretch in Sciammas’ book when referring to the facilities on the south and north sides. 

“I would hardly call them pools,” he said. “They’re really more of a splash feature and they’re wonderful for that youth. But they’re not for swimming, as much as they are for that wet recreation.”

In May, the city council could vote on closing Memorial Pool for at least this coming summer. 

City workers have estimated repairs at about $40,000 to get the nearly 80-year-old pool ready for swimming.  

“We haven’t had people going through, that are contractors, looking at what the real dollars and cents of it are, so that’s going to have to be the next step,” Sciammas said. “It’s reasonable that we’re just throwing numbers out there now. But what is it really going to take? We’re going to have to find out before we start following recommendations to close pools.”

Last year, the pricetag was around $50,000 to repair the pool.

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