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Weed commissioner could be coming to your home sooner



City council will vote on inspection rules

You might call it the weed rule. 

La Crosse’s weed commissioner could come calling now when your weeds are eight inches high, instead of 10.

Changes, however, to La Crosse city inspection rules, under consideration now by the city council, address more issues than how high those weeds can get before the commissioner comes calling – although city council member Fran Formanek maintains the tall weed issue is a pretty important one.

“When you look at the aesthetics of a neighborhood, the first thing you see is the area around a building,” Formanek said. “It’s a very important issue.”

The new rules are meant to speed up the process of dealing with all sorts of problems with dilapidated properties in certain neighborhoods.  

Tuesday, a city council committee approved the new rules which will get a vote by the full council next week.  

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