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EPA needs to clean up its air act



Agency hasn’t done Wisconsin
review on pollutants since 2002

A lawsuit seeks to force the EPA into more strict regulation of pollution standards in Wisconsin.

From Clean Wisconsin, Katie Nekola says the federal agency is failing in its mandate of reviewing health and environmental impacts of living near major pollution sources.

She says an EPA review in Wisconsin hasn’t occurred in 14 years.

“If it’s come to light since 2002,” Nekola said, “that some of these chemicals that are coming out of these industrial facilities, are more of a risk for canner, more of a risk for respiratory illness, than whatever was previously thought, then people have a right to know that.”

Nekola and other groups in the state suing the EPA say the federal agency has an obligation under the Clean Air Act to protect the health of those living in Wisconsin. 

“We want them to, as required by law,” Nekola said, “review all the health risks of pollutants in these kinds of source categories, these hazardous air pollutants, and then review advances in tech that can help control those pollutants.”

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