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Thief steals safe bolted inside Winona man’s house



Safe contained cash, gold coins, cremation ashes, home movies

A Winona County man was robbed of all of his families close possessions on Halloween.

Sometime during trick or treating, someone backed up a truck to the man’s house, went inside, and took a green Remington safe that was bolted to a wall.

The contents of the safe included a variety of guns, cash, gold coins, cremation ashes, family pictures and home movies.

The homeowner has put out a $5,000 reward for the return of the unopened safe and a $1,000 reward for the recovery of the stolen items and/or apprehension of the perps involved. That, on top of a Crimestoppers reward.

If you have information, contact the Winona County Sheriff’s department: 507.457.6368.

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