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Trempealeau Cty. starting car-kill deer list



Callers will be placed on list to claim hit deer within an hour

Wisconsin officials issue over 3,000 car-kill deer tags each year. Many of these deer go unclaimed and unused.

The Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department is starting a call list to notify people of these deer that are available to the public if the driver does not want it. If you or someone you know likes venison you can put your name on the list as a possible participant and it will call you when one becomes available.

The department will keep a list in the Trempealeau County dispatch center. If you are called you need to respond in approximately one hour in normal temperatures. You will need to keep safe traffic procedures in mind when picking up the deer, using the emergency signals and being visible.

Call 715-538-4351 to be put on the list. 

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