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Council Member Decries Bullying of Bar Owner



A downtown La Crosse bar owner is back on the defense with neighbors once again calling for an end to outdoor music. It’s Chris Stolpa’s Stein Haus next to the Grand River Station downtown. It’s a married couple living in the Grand River Station who called for revoking Stolpa’s live music license last year because of the noise. They’re back again. And city council member David Krump has had enough of the complaints.  Krump says the complaining couple is essentially bullying Stolpa over music that’s played at his bar a couple of nights per week. 
Though, in the last year, Stolpa hasn’t been cited for violating the city’s noise ordinances, a city council committee still wants him to hire a professional to measure noise from his bar within the next three weeks or face potential revocation for the outdoor live music license.

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