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Justice Dept. Adds Prosecutor To Hellerud Drug Death Trial



The state justice department will help prosecute a drug-related homicide case in La Crosse County.

An assistant attorney general has been assigned to the trial of Jered Hellerud of La Crosse, who pled ‘not guilty’ yesterday to causing the overdose death of Robert Gordon last year.  Trempealeau County D-A Taavi (TAH-vee) McMahon also will prosecute Hellerud.  Investigators say Gordon bought heroin from Hellerud on French Island in August of 2013 and took the drug there before returning to his home in Trempealeau, where he became sick.  Hellerud’s girlfriend, Tasha Kempfer, says she was with him at the time of the drug sale to Gordon.  Since then, Kempfer has been sent to prison for her role in another man’s overdose death from heroin.


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