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Scammers Back Again



Good timing for scammers. Tax time. The Monroe County Sheriff’s

Office says they are receiving reports from residents that scammers are calling and identifying themselves as computer experts. They tell people that they have received information that their computer is infected. Their goal is to get you to let them remote log into your computer and then they can get personal information and they can install malicious software. Scammers know people are getting their income tax refunds back. The calls for scammers seem to be more frequent around this time of the year.

Deputies also say some folks have also received calls about someone calling your cell phone saying that you have a $44.00 credit and to log onto a web site to get the credit. The phone number that comes up is to your cell phone provider. When the people call their cell phone providers to confirm this they have discovered that it is not true.

If you have received calls like this you can report them to the FCC  and the US Postal Service.


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