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La Crosse Rental Rules in Question



Although La Crosse’s Ad Hoc committee to come up with new regulations for rentals in the city has finished its work, much of that work could go out the window. 

City attorney Stephen Matty tells us, at the minimum, the city will have to repeal its current ordinances regarding rental registrations and inspections in order to comply with a new state law that significantly limits  how much the city can regulate rentals at all.  Matty says, in the future, any inspections on rentals probably can’t be performed routinely and will have to be complaint-driven.  New ordinances will have to be created to abide by the state rental rules.  For now, the entire rental registration process appears to be somewhat in limbo as Matty also tells us he’s not certain that any of it survives a challenge based on the new state law.   Governor Walker signed the new rules into law this month. 

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