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The Favre Question



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Aaron Rodgers could be done for the season.

No. 4 is staying retired.

That’s the word Tuesday from Brett Favre’s agent after reports that the Green Bay Packers had reached out to him.

Last week, after the Packers destroyed the Vikings, I asked coach Mike MCarthy if Rodgers got injured, would he call Favre.

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His reply, “Come on now. That was a hell of a football game tonight. I want to talk about the game.”

Of course. You won. But it’s a game against the 1-6 Vikings. You were supposed to win and nothing could be more uninteresting than talking about that game.

Especially in a week where the St. Louis Rams reached out to Favre, not to mention a week in which they were playing the Vikings – the last team to have Favre. And, a month after his agent said Favre was in the best shape of his life.

The Vikings, a team that made the playoffs despite quarterback Christian Ponder last year, a team that could have done some damage with a competent quarterback then. A question that could have been asked to Minnesota coach Leslie Frazier, too, if they were 5-2, like they were last year, instead of the front-runners for the first pick in the draft next year.

This week is, of course, a different story, as Rodgers’ shoulder injury to his non-throwing arm could sideline him for 3-4 weeks or the rest of the season.

ESPN reported Tuesday morning that Rodgers suffered a fracture to the clavicle against the Chicago Bears early Monday night, and the Packers believe he will miss about three weeks.

ESPN also noted the Packers “do not want to make any determination,” until after Rodgers undergoes more tests Tuesday.

But they already “reached out” Favre, according to Howard Blazer. Could that be the writing on the wall that Rodgers is done or are they just checking all their avenues?

Vince Young and Matt Flynn, along with Scott Tolzein, who is on the practice squad, all appear to be in the mix, though some say Flynn is out already, because of elbow tendinitis. Oh, and Tim Tebow is not on the radar.

But, of course, those guys are being thought of as backups to Seneca Wallace. Favre wasn’t called to be a backup, which just proves how much faith the Packers have in Wallace, who was 11-for-19 for 114 yards with an interception – on his first series. He was also sacked four times and didn’t have a rushing attempt in three-plus quarters of work.

So, a week ago, I asked the question that went unanswered, but noted, like, here, in USA Today.

Now, we know. They would call, and, apparently, Favre is still retired … until he changes his mind – rumor is that’s been known to happen.

I always suspected he would come back for a contender. Instead of the Rams calling Favre, what if the Broncos did, seeing as how the somewhat immobile Peyton Manning has lit the NFL up for 2,919 yards and 29 touchdowns in just eight games?

Signing with the Packers just adds that extra dimension, being as how he left the team. Would he come back to play for them at all? Would general manager Ted Thompson be OK with it, being as how those two had their disagreements? And, oh how the fans would frenzy.

Some would probably hate the idea, but it would only take one pass to change their minds – regardless of whether that pass was a touchdown or interception, people’s minds would change.

For now, he’s still retired. I don’t care if he just turned 44 years old. I would love to see him back behind center, even if it’s just a sideshow. It’s going to be a sideshow anyway. A boring one. With Favre, at least it would be interesting.

As of now, it sounds like Rodgers is out 3-4 weeks, and maybe Wallace gets it done against the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and those lowly Vikings. But if it’s more, he’s not beating the rest of the schedule to hold on to a playoff spot.

The Packers, Bears and Lions are all tied at 5-3. Right now, Detroit takes the division. The Bears and Packers aren’t even in the playoff hunt – San Francisco (6-2) and Carolina (5-3) are.

Green Bay and Chicago are a game out. Arizona (4-4) is a game and a half behind in the wild card and Philadelphia (4-5) is two out.

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