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Monday - June 26, 2017 9:11 pm

Vernon sheriff defends horse rescue operator Featured

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Everhart denies abuse allegations made in anonymous near-viral social media posts.

Amanda Everhart has been called a scammer.  A liar. A criminal. She's at the center of a social media storm.

She's also now the raison d'etre of a petition directed at state lawmakers to change laws about horse rescue operations.  

But the operator of a very controversial horse rescue near Westby, Wis., says she's doing fine despite all of that and hopes to continue to look after the eight horses in her care.  

Vernon County sheriff John Spears has, this week, come to the defense of Everhart and says she's doing good work.

"She's trying," said Spears, "and I guess is that's the thing is that ... it's a positive thing when you see people stepping up to rescue these animals."

Everhart said she's felt threatened by those who have attacked her operation for alleged mistreatment of animals and based on what's been spread on social media

"It's just a bunch (of) little horse crazy women that seen a post on a Facebook group with 70,000 people and so half of those 70,000 people started ganging up on somebody," said Everhart.

Spears, on Monday, sent out a public warning about harassing Everhart and suggested the attacks against her are a social media phenomenon.

"Social media," Spears said, "is a double-edged sword because you don't always have to be accurate or truthful and people jump on it so fast ... and it spreads so quickly and it's just the nature of what we live in today as far as the social media world."

Spears has warned against trespassing on Everhart's land. Directed, apparently, at those who have either threatened her or have tried to gather visual evidence of horse abuse.

And there has been threats, according to Everhart.

"They actually publically told me to kill myself," Everhart said of those attacking her horse operation.

Everhart says she's installed trail cameras on her property for protection.

Spears said a veterinarian checked out the horses this weekend and signed off on the operation.  

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