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Monday - September 10, 2018 3:28 am

Vernon County offering free kits to test water after flooding

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Above Hwy 162 near Coon Valley (PHOTO: Randy Humfeld) Above Hwy 162 near Coon Valley (PHOTO: Randy Humfeld)

Vernon County's health department is warning flood victims about the need to test their water.

"Before you can do any drinking or using water from the flood water areas, with possible sewage in them, we want to make sure you get them tested for at least the E.coli coliform," Janet Reid with the Vernon County Health Department said.

Kits are available for free — as is bottled water — at the health department or, if you call them, they could deliver kits to a location close by. Test results usually are back within 24 hours.

So far, they have only seen about two or three cases of contaminated water.

Reid says drinking or using contaminated water can lead to a variety of stomach problems, especially for the elderly and young.

Reid says the department is offering bottled water and test kits for free. Results are usually back within 24 hours.

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