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Wednesday - August 15, 2018 1:55 am

Recent flooding events force WAFER to upgrade building's exterior

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Some upgrades have been going on at WAFER Food Pantry in La Crosse over the past few days.

Several flooding events over the last few years have taken its toll on the building. Not only has it lost some food, executive director Erin Waldhart said the impact is felt among the workers.

"The problem for us is that it's a loss of staff time," she said. "It's a cleanup effort which also can impact our clients depending on the severity of it."

A construction company is working on replacing a trouble spot in on the building where water usually seeped through. Waldhart says the company has also donated the materials. WAFER just has to pay for labor.

Siding that was falling off has been removed, rotten boards replaced and a new concrete and brick exterior is being added. Waldhart is glad they are doing a long-term fix instead of just putting a band-aid on it.

"We tossed around some different ideas of how we could fix up the front of the building to help with the problem," she said. "This one is probably the best solution."

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