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Tuesday - August 14, 2018 3:34 am

Long shot challenges Gov. Walker on partisan primary ballot

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PHOTO: Robert Meyer for Governor on Facebook. PHOTO: Robert Meyer for Governor on Facebook.

He's the other Republican candidate for governor on the partisan primary ballot in Wisconsin today. Robert Meyer is running against Gov. Scott Walker in the GOP primary.

He calls himself socially moderate, fiscally conservative and thinks Walker's constant push for tax cuts, in the face of education and transportation funding, is the wrong path for the state to take.

"At this point, given that we could be headed to a recession," Meyer said Monday on WIZM, "we are in a farm crisis -- of course the tariffs are making it much worse -- but I think people can see, we're way behind in the investments in these foundational assets."

Meyer thinks Walker's obsession with tax cutting has left the state a billion dollars behind in investments to education and transportation.

"What's four more years of this excessive tax cutting going to get us?" Meyer asked. "Where are we going to be in four years?"

Meyer also isn't a fan of Walker's extreme-right, social stances, which he calls, "parentive." That, invariably, leads to the marijuana legalization question.

"I used it myself," Meyer said of marijuana. "I'm a baby-boomer, so I'm not really hung up on marijuana."

Meyer, a small business owner, says he's his "grandfather's Republican" and contends his fiscal and social approaches are just an expression of a different faction of party philosophy.

Mitch Reynolds

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