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Thursday - June 21, 2018 2:45 am

Foxconn in play as way to score political points in election season Featured

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A new poll finds lingering uncertainty in Wisconsin about the value of the incentive-heavy Foxconn deal in Racine County.

That uncertainty appears to be frustrating at least on Foxconn executive. Louis Woo was quoted this week suggesting he get praise in the streets of Wisconsin for what the company is bringing.

“I would imagine when I walk down the street of Wisconsin,” Woo told Fox6Now, “people should be rushing to me and patting my back and saying, 'Thank you, Mr. Foxconn. You guys are really helping us out doing the right thing.’”.

That lukewarm embrace from Wisconsin of the manufacturing giant, which is getting $4.5 billion in incentives from the state, appears to play prominently in the strategy of Democrats looking to win elections in the state this year, as well.

Earlier this month in Madison, in a debate over spending new federal transportation money on the I-94 project near Foxconn, Democratic state rep. Chris Taylor said just add it to the bill.

“What is it gonna take to have you all invest in our state roads, outside the Foxconn project?” Democratic state rep. Chris Taylor asked. “What is it gonna take?”

“Foxconn is getting billions and billions of dollars. You’re prioritizing Foxconn at the great detriment of state roads all around. And you’re letting them crumble because of Foxconn. I cannot understand it.”

The new Marquette University Law School poll found that 46 percent in the state think the Foxconn project isn't worth what the state is paying for it.

The poll did have more favorable numbers toward Foxconn around the plant, stating that 56 percent of registered voters statewide think it will substantially improve the economy of the larger Milwaukee area.

As for the rest of the state, however, the polling suggested the opposite. When asked if businesses where the respondent lived would benefit, 61 percent didn’t think they would.

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