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Wednesday - June 20, 2018 2:23 am

Video gaming now a mental disorder?

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It’s called ‘gaming disorder.’

A simple name from the World Health Organization, as more become addicted to gaming, in what is being categorized as a mental disorder.

It’s significant in the medical community says Gundersen child therapist Jeff Reiland. He says addiction to video games is just like an addiction to other drugs or alcohol.

Reiland does point out a difference between kids that like video games and those who are addicted.

“They’re not doing their homework,” he said. “They're not socializing. They're not spending time with their family. They're not doing their chores.

“If they're unable to control it. If they make attempts to cut back and seem unable because they're obsessing about it.”

Reiland says parents saying "go do something else" doesn't help.

“Make sure that there are other things for kids to do,” he said. “Make sure that those other activities are obvious and available and to do those things with their kids.”

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