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Tuesday - June 19, 2018 3:15 am

Groups continue resolve to change redistricting process after a no decision from SCOTUS

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Disappointed doesn't exactly capture how many in Wisconsin are feeling after a U.S. Supreme Court decision on legislative redistricting.

The court released a ruling this week that remands back to the lower courts a closely watched case involving extreme partisan redistricting.

Among those hoping for a different outcome was Matt Rothschild at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, though he says the work continues in the state to change rules about how legislative maps are drawn.

“Thirty-nine counties in Wisconsin have passed resolutions to the state legislature to demand that the state legislature stop rigging the maps,” Rothschild said, adding the decision from the justices that plaintiffs in the redistricting case lacked standing was a "cop out" and it's clear Wisconsin voters' rights are being violated through the state's redistricting process.

Work is already underway to change how that process works in the state, Rothschild said, and it’s a bipartisan effort.

“No one, whether you’re a conservative or liberal, wants, whichever party is in power to be able to rig the maps to keep themselves in power for another decade,” he said, adding it’s inevitably going to change.

“People understand that politicians in power have been rigging the game and they want everyone to have a fair shake. They’re sick and tired of the monkey bus that happens with this political maneuvering by whichever party is in power.”

The high court determined that those suing over the maps drawn by Republicans in 2010 lacked standing to bring the case.

Mitch Reynolds

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