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Monday - April 16, 2018 1:49 am

Opioid lawsuit involving La Crosse County going to trial

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La Crosse County is part of the long-awaited trial aimed at getting damages from drug companies that sell opioids.

The three-week trial is now scheduled for March in Cleveland, Ohio. This trial will not, however, directly affect the county.

Local governments from around the U.S., including the La Crosse County board, joined the lawsuit to hold three large drugmakers responsible for overdoses and deaths from opioid drugs.

The board voted in February to join most other Wisconsin counties in suing the drug companies.

La Crosse County administrator Steve O'Malley isn't too excited about the scheduling of a trial. He pointed out that the trial will only involve three local governments in Ohio and the Wisconsin counties that joined the case might settle out of court.

O'Malley said La Crosse County is more likely to see money from a future settlement with the drugmakers than from an actual trial.

La Crosse County leaders were hesitant to join the lawsuit, because taking part in the case might cost more money than the county could get back through a trial or a settlement.

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