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Tuesday - March 20, 2018 2:24 am

Former Wisconsin state treasurer fighting to save office from Constitutional elimination Featured

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Among the issues facing Wisconsin voters on the ballot in two weeks is whether to eliminate the office of state treasurer.

Many call the office unnecessary but that's because lawmakers have stripped the office of the duties that make it a sort of watchdog for the people, says Jack Voight, a Republican and former state treasurer.

Voight warns eliminating the office leaves too much fiscal authority with the administrative branch of government.

“It’s the People’s watchdog of our state’s finances,” Voight said. “We cannot have a governor be the chief executive officer and also the chief financial officer of this state.”.

One report says the treasurer's office has gone from having a staff of 24 and a budget of $4.4 million 20 years ago to one staff member and a budget of $227,000 today.

Voight is working around the clock to convince people to vote no on a constitutional amendment April 3 that would eliminate the office of treasurer.

Voight says the treasurer is necessary as the eyes of the people on the fiscal management of the state and getting rid of the office only removes a layer of transparency and accountability in state government.

“It should not eliminate the office,” he said. “We should eliminate the candidate, or the person who is the state treasurer.

If we don’t like what they’re doing, we should eliminate the person, not the office.”

The office of treasurer predates statehood and was adopted with the state's constitution in 1848.

Mitch Reynolds

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