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Tuesday - February 20, 2018 1:37 am

La Crosse's teachers trained in case of school shooting

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Area students take part in active-shooter training. Area students take part in active-shooter training.

Strategies in how to respond to an active shooter, particularly in schools, has changed in the past few years.

From hide and sit quietly to the more proactive ALICE training.

ALICE is a protocol used by teachers with the La Crosse School District.

"ALICE is meant to empower the teacher to make decisions on the spot," safety director Scott Johnson said. "A lot of them like that part of it so they can make that decision, to go or to stay."

Twice a year, teachers with the district prepare for the worst, participating in active-shooter training. Training takes place for new teachers and a refresher course on what to do in case of an active shooter in the building each year.

Johnson says he is impressed with School Resource Officers (SRO) roaming the halls, engaging with students and keeping an eye out for any potential dangers.

"They interact very well with the students," he said. "That's a good thing. Students are very comfortable with those SROs."

Johnson added that they work closely with the La Crosse Police Dept., which supplies SROs for each building.

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