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Friday - February 16, 2018 2:21 am

Pot proponents push for legalization and end to employer testing in Wisconsin

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A day of action for pot proponents in Madison on Thursday might not show immediate results.

Eric Marsch, from the Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of NORML, was in Madison to lobby for legalization and a new proposal to exempt marijuana from employer drug screenings.

Although legalizing pot has happened increasingly around the nation, Marsch suggests one proponent will determine how long before Wisconsin catches on.

"Optimistically, probably two years," Marsch said. "If (Gov. Scott) Walker gets re-elected, we're probably looking at five or six."

As for drug testing, Marsch says it makes no sense for employers to test for drug use instead of testing whether an employee is actually impaired by the use of a drug.

"Someone can go home from work tonight, drink a beer, and tomorrow go to work and there's no problem, because they're not impaired at work," Marsch said. "That's the important thing."

Marsch sent onto explain those employer tests are overreaching because pot stays in your system for so long.

"People aren't impaired but they're still able to detect that it had been used at some point in the past," Marsch said. "I know people who have failed drug tests like 60 days after they had last used."

Marsch suggests neither the drug testing legislation nor full legalization of marijuana are likely as long as Republicans are in charge in Madison.


Mitch Reynolds

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