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Wednesday - February 14, 2018 7:59 pm

Group seeking permission for suicide prevention signs on Grandad Bluff

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Some signs posted at La Crosse's most visible landmark could help bring suicide out of the dark.

Primarily, the prevention signs at the top of Grandad Bluff are meant to let those who may have suicidal thoughts know there is help available, says Jaimie Basina with the Suicide Prevention Initiative for La Crosse.

The signs may also help foster awareness, which is something sorely lacking now, she added.

"A lot of the times police called, they are are the only ones aware of this going on," Basina said. "The only time you really hear about suicide is if there's an event going on or someone, in fact, ends their life.

"I was shocked to know there's so many people out there that do not know La Crosse County has a crisis line you can call."

Grandad Bluff tends to attract those with thoughts of suicide, as do the big blue bridges, Basina noted.

She hopes the city's park board tonight approves suicide prevention signs for the bluff. She says it's going to be a little tougher to get the Wisconsin DOT to agree to signs for the bridges.

Mitch Reynolds

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