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Friday - December 15, 2017 1:09 am

WI Congressman Kind requests Whitehouse extend Obamacare deadline, which is today in most states

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For those buying health insurance on the individual marketplace, it's getting late in the game.

Today is the deadline to enroll under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, without risking losing coverage or paying a penalty.

At least it's time in most states, like Wisconsin, which uses the federal marketplace online.

Democratic Congressman Ron Kind has asked the Trump administration to extend the deadline with just about 120,000 in the state signed up for coverage on the marketplace.

Kind said, with the administration slashing funding for enrollment information and cutting the enrollment period in half, many may miss today's deadline.

About a 500,000 in Wisconsin currently are insured through the federal exchange.

The penalty for not having health insurance for 2018 is yet to be announced, but it's likely to increase from last year.

The 2017 penalty was 2.5% of your total household adjusted gross income or $695 per adult and $347.50 per child. The maximum penalty was $2,085.

For those who live in Minnesota, which operates its own exchange called MNSure, the deadline is Jan. 15.

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