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Thursday - December 14, 2017 3:28 am

Minnesota Democratic organizer considers congressional race in light of Alabama senate race

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Tim Walz Tim Walz

She'll be the first to admit she's given up on reading political tea leaves.

Minnesota's First District DFL Party chair Debra Hogenson recognizes the victory of fellow Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama's special senate election this week may point to some other victories for the party next November — like in the wide open first district congressional seat. It's a seat Hogenson believes the DFL has a pretty good shot at keeping in the party.

"I think, with a good candidate, who can communicate our values, and would work on the part of our activists, yeah," she said. "Definitely winnable."

But, she isn't ready to make bold predictions just yet.

"I know Republicans think they have it in the bag," she said. "I can tell you about the consequences of overconfidence. We kind of dealt with that two years ago.

Or on year ago, for that matter.

"I took my belief in my ability down a few notches after I was so shocked on election night, 2016," she added.

Democrat Tim Walz has represented the first district in Minnesota for 10 years. He's bowed out of a reelection try in that seat in order to run for governor in 2018.

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