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Monday - December 11, 2017 3:09 am

La Crosse family moves into home, as kids get scholarships through non-profit program

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Before and after shots of the Wacek's renovations on Seventh St. Before and after shots of the Wacek's renovations on Seventh St.

Two $25,000 scholarships for moving into a La Crosse neighborhood sounded great to Dawn Wacek.

She, her husband and two sons moved into a brand new house they helped build on 7th St. last week with help from La Crosse Promise. The nonprofit organization helps families move into a new home and provides scholarships for doing so.

Wacek said their financial troubles were reason enough to help their children.

"We both have quite a bit of student debt ourselves," she said, "and we really didn't want our kids to start out with that same kind of burden."

Each of their sons are eligible for the scholarship.

Wacek was thankful to have finished the house before the Christmas holiday. Both sides of the family will visit in the next couple weeks, she said.

The Waceks are one of 14 families receiving help from La Crosse Promise.

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