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Monday - November 27, 2017 3:33 am

City council president's stance on not politicizing his chamber being challenged again

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Last month a climate change resolution sparked debate over politics

Looks like La Crosse city council president Martin Gaul's stance on the council avoiding political issues will be challenged again.

His theory in a nutshell: "Our primary focus is the business of this city," Gaul said.

That was Gaul earlier this month in relation to a resolution on global climate change. He said issues of a political nature are distracting and divisive.

"I think it's of the utmost importance in these highly politicized times that we live in, to do everything that we can as a body, to avoid bringing that atmosphere into this chamber," he added.

More of the same kind of issues are headed to the council for consideration next month.

One is a resolution that has the city council insisting on a non-partisan way to redraw legislative boundaries, which would be sent to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Another comes from a group calling on the council to support passage of an amendment to the Constitution that would, in its words, "reclaim democracy from the ... corrupting influence of unregulated political contributions and spending."

It's a provision (more here) that essentially calls for getting big money out of politics, that has been passed by 750 local governments, over 100 in Wisconsin, and 19 states.

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