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Thursday - November 2, 2017 8:14 pm

Assembly approves GOP bill blocking most abortions under state health insurance plans

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Democrats say bill is attack on women's health and goes too far 

The Wisconsin state Assembly approved a Republican bill that would tighten restrictions on what types of abortions state health insurance plans can cover.

An attack on women's health that goes too far, say Democrats. Republican state rep, Scott Allen argues, not far enough.

"Often in public debates people are afraid to say it, but let me just say it: Abortion is wrong," Allen said on the floor in Madison. "Although it may be legal we should in no way shape or form should we provide public funding for abortion."

State health insurance plans currently cover only medically necessary abortions but state law doesn't define a medically necessary abortion.

Democratic state rep, JoCasta Zamarripa says that decision should be left for doctors to make.

"These are therapeutic procedures that are medically necessary for the life of a woman and here you are chipping away again at a legal and safe medical procedure," Zamarripa said.

The bill would allow state health insurance plans to cover abortions only in cases of rape, incest, to preserve a mother's health or if a doctor certifies the procedure was medically necessary to save the woman's life or avoid long-term damage to her health.

And that, according to Democratic state rep. Lisa Subeck, is really just another way of putting a foot on the neck of women.

"It is taking away access to women's health care and that in and of itself is shameful," she said. 


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