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Wednesday - November 1, 2017 12:14 pm

Needle found inside Halloween candy Featured

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Police say call if you find foreign object in Halloween candy

The city of Arcadia is on alert after police say a young boy found sewing needles inside two different pieces of candy.

The incident happened during trick or treat hours yesterday.

The boy was about to eat a Kit Kat bar and broke into it when he noticed something shiny. It was brought to a family member who manipulated the candy before they discovered the needle.

Another was later found in a piece of chewy taffy candy.

Chief Diana Anderson says they currently haven't pinpointed what street or area the candy came from.

She recommends breaking the candy in half before giving it to your child, or simply throwing it away.

Anderson urges calling Trempealeau county or Arcadia police at 715-538-4351 for additional finds of foreign objects in candy.

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