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As I See It

As I See It

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Tuesday - September 18, 2018 5:57 am

The fight is currently in the courts. But a better battle would likely be at the polling booths. The United States Supreme Court was the most recent stop in the fight over the drawing of legislative boundaries in Wisconsin. The high court did not rule on the merits of the case, whether Wisconsin's political maps were unconstitutional, drawn to benefit one political party over the other. Instead, they said the plaintiff in the case lacked legal standing, and sent the case back to federal court. Those who brought the lawsuit are now planning to refile the case, with new plaintiffs. But as we have seen, these court fights take time. Perhaps a better way to ensure Wisconsin adopts a more fair process for determining legislative boundaries is to vote for candidates who have pledged to support the Iowa model, which removes partisanship from the process. 52 candidates for the Wisconsin Legislature running in the November election vow to support a fair redistricting process. Getting them into office could be the best way to bring change. We can't rely on current leadership in the Legislature. They won't even hold a public hearing on the issue. So before you cast your vote in November, find out if the candidates support a fair election, or one which is rigged to benefit one political party over another.

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