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It is a sad reality that our children are no longer safe in their schools. It has become commonplace for schools to perform active-shooter drills in case a gunman ever enters their place of learning. But, are schools doing enough or doing things the right way? Some security experts are critical of the 'common shelter in place' reaction, where students are told to stay in place, hiding under their desks or in closets. Those experts argue that keeping children in the school during a shooting makes them more vulnerable, and that more lives could be saved if the instruction was to run. We should gather those experts and identify the best policy for keeping our kids safe in the event of an attack. One product used in some schools is a steel device that latches to a door frame to prevent someone from entering. It is called “Justinkase” and was developed by a high school student in Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker said he favors improving school security to arming teachers as a way to prevent attacks. A good place to start would be requiring these devices on the doors in every Wisconsin school.

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