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Friday - November 3, 2017 9:22 am

Read Foxconn deal before considering signing

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We've said it before, but we'll say it again. Those who are working to approve that huge deal to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin need to read the contract before signing it. That should go without saying. But amazingly, the current plan calls for members of the Wisconsin Economic Development Board to vote without actually having a copy of the contract in their hands, with time to read it. Instead, they would simply be provided with an outline of the contract, not the entire document. This is not high school, where you may be able to get away with reading only the Cliffs Notes before writing that book report. This is $3 billion of our tax money the state is preparing to give away to land the Taiwanese company and the thousands of jobs they promise. One member of the board is calling for them to receive the entire document and time to digest it before actually casting a vote. But his is a lone voice so far. Governor Walker, when asked if he thinks board members should be able to read the entire document, declined comment. But the clock is ticking. The board could vote on this huge deal, the biggest ever done by a state with a foreign company as soon as next week. We should insist that they be given the contract and that they read every word before deciding whether to give away all our money.

Scott Robert Shaw

Scott Robert Shaw is the Program Director for both 1410 WIZM and 580 WKTY.   He's currently the morning news anchor on 1410 WIZM, Z93 and 95-7 The Rock.  He joined Mid-West Family Broadcasting as a reporter/anchor in 1989 and served as News Director from 1990-2015.   He's been the winner of several Wisconsin Broadcaster's Association awards for Best Editorial in Wisconsin.  He enjoys traveling, bicycling and cooking.

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