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Wisconsin lawmakers to consider legalizing marijuana

Will today be the day Wisconsin begins to go up in smoke? One Wisconsin state lawmaker will announce today plans to introduce legislation to fully legalize marijuana in the state. Rep. Melissa Sargent, a Madison democrat, wants to follow the lead of Colorado and other states and legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Support for […]

Controversy over free speech continues at UWL

The policy is clear on paper. But not so much in practice. The UW La Crosse policy on free speech reads in part, “UWL encourages and protects diverse perspectives, the free flow of ideas, and open discussion . Constructive engagement with differing perspectives in a climate of free inquiry is essential to the pursuit of […]

End of investigation doesn’t mean end of problems at Wisconsin’s youth prison

The case has been slammed shut like a jail cell door. But that doesn’t mean the problems are over at Wisconsin’s troubled you the prison. A federal investigation into the Lincoln Hills School for Boys has ended without the filing of criminal charges. An investigation by the Department of Justice and the FBI found insufficient […]

A shooting uncovers a strange criminal case on French Island, 14 years ago

The situation started on a Friday afternoon in April of 2005.  A young kid on French Island told his parents that a neighborhood man had hit him and grabbed his bicycle, for riding too close to the man’s house.  The parents went to talk to the neighbor, who ended up shooting the dad in the […]

A burning police car got national attention, 28 years ago

Video of a police squad car on fire in downtown La Crosse made news in April of 1991, as a symbol of what became known as the Coon Creek riots. The cop car was tipped over in the Pearl Street area, and one man was arrested for starting the fire. More than 60 people were […]

Last orders at the Chop House, 39 years ago

The Chop House was a popular restaurant on 3rd Street in April of 1980, and had been in business since the late 40’s. But the First Bank of La Crosse owned the building, and planned to tear it down, so April 20th was announced as the last day of operation for the Chop House. Restaurant […]