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Wisconsin inmates finally getting help getting jobs

It is, after all, called the Department of Corrections, not the Department of Punishment. The very name implies an attempt to correct the behavior that landed a person behind bars. That has not typically been the strength of our prison system. But now in Wisconsin, one prison is working to provide future success to its […]

Success of school referendums shows people value public education

More money for public schools. We heard that during Wisconsin’s gubernatorial campaign from now Governor-elect Tony Evers. In his new role, Evers says he plans to invest more money in public education. During the waning days of the campaign, Scott Walker, the self-proclaimed education Governor, even dangled the promise of more money for public schools. […]

With Evers in, Foxconn deal likely to remain in place

With Tony Evers winning election as Wisconsin’s next governor, what will that mean for Foxconn? Many democrats have been critical of the billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies promised to the manufacturer in exchange for the promise of thousands of new jobs. Some have said the state should pull the plug on the deal. That […]

A new dorm opens near the college stadium, 56 years ago

In the fall of 1962, the La Crosse State College dedicated White Hall, just north of the Memorial Stadium parking lot. The new men’s dorm was named after Orris O. White, who taught for 38 years in the college English department. When the New Orleans Saints had their training camp at UW-L in the 80’s […]

Would Tommy try for another term, 29 years ago?

In the fall of 1989, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson announced he would decide by year’s end whether to run for a second term.  Thompson was 47, and had become governor after 20 years in the state Assembly.  He would run again in 1990, defeating Assembly Speaker Tom Loftus, and would go on to win a […]

The end of “the greatest war in history,” 100 years ago

One hundred years ago, November of 1918, the armistice ending what would be the first World War took effect. Three months before the armistice, Sgt. Roy Vingers became the first La Crosse County soldier to die in the war. The local American Legion post was named after Vingers, and in 1921, he was brought home […]